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Hi! My name is Desmond! Thanks so much for coming to my site!

Whether you are looking for guidance and support in your business or life, or would love some Sound Healing, let me know how I can best support you!  Please contact me anytime for a free consultation!

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How I Can Help?

Here is what I Offer:

Conscious Life and Business Coaching

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Intuitive Guidance and Energy Work

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Sound Therapy and Concerts

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Conscious Life and Business Coaching!

My great passion is helping clients bring their dreams to life.   Whether you are seeking support in your personal life, relationships, health, or your business, I am happy to help.

Conscious entrepreneurship is a great passion of mine as is personal development.  

Drawing only several modalities, from Energy work and clearing, vibrational healing, to visioning and physical energy optimization, my goal is to provide you with whatever tools you needs to meet your specific goals and aspirations. 

Feel free to schedule a Free Consultation anytime and we can go over how I best support you. 

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Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance

I also offer a variety of services in order to help balance your energetic field and increase vitality.  

I am Master Anra Energy  Healer and HypnoSynergistic practitioner, with specialties in Chakra Balancing, Vibrational Healing and Intuitive Counseling.   

I use a combination of transformational energy work, intuitive guidance, somatic body work and sound therapy to help release imbalances in your field and amplify Vital Life Force Energy.  

Please feel free to call and we can discuss what modalities will best support you!

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Sound Healing and Spiritual Concerts!

One of my great passions is to offer both individual and group Sound Baths both at my studio and at private events.  

I am a life long musician trained is several modalities of Sound Therapy.  I utilize an array of instruments to orchestrate my music sessions and combine piano, orchestral elements, melodic soundscapes, gongs, crystal bowls and more!

If you are looking for a wonderful way to relax and calm your energy, then please inquire about setting up your own personal or group sound healing session!

Please feel free to call and we can discuss what modalities will best support you!

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Here are some Recent Recordings.  I hope they bring you Peace :)

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