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Hi! My name is Capt Desmond O'Sullivan. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

I am as Intuitive Life and Business Coach, Certified Energy Worker, Hypnotherapist, Inter Faith Minister and Sound Therapist.

I am also a professional Captain and own and operate a fishing company that I started over 20 years ago called the Celtic Quest Fishing Fleet !

I have had quite an amazing journey in life that has led me to discover so many incredible healing and high performance modalities!  

It is now my great pleasure to share this with all of you!

After struggling for many years of my life with my energy and vitality, I was forced to seek answers to my failing health and well-being.  

I suffered from years of auto immune conditions, chronic fatigue, high levels of inflammation, much of which developed after getting Lymes disease in my early 20s.  

Though my search led me first to find ways to make my body strong again, in time, they ultimately led me on a profound and winding path of self discovery, emotional healing and a deep connection with my spirituality.   

I became profoundly interested in energy work, chakra balancing, past life regression, hypnotherapy, intuition, sound therapy, high performance practices, biohacking and more.  

I am also extremely passionate about conscious entrepreneurship and building businesses that uplift the world!  

Whether you are seeking support in guidance for taking your business or your life to the next level, nothing makes me happier then sharing all the things that have helped me so much on my journey.

And I know they will help you too! Look forward to speaking soon! Feel free to reach out anytime!


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